Prevention of Sexual Harassment Compliance

POSH Compliance has been made mandatory by Ministry of Corporate Affairs for all companies and to make disclosure of compliance through their Annual Report. Non-compliance to POSH will lead to heavy penalty and company license cancellation.


Policy Drafting

A personalised POSH Policy for you company will be drafted, and it will be verified as per government norms. If you have an existing policy for POSH can also be reviewed by our lawyers.

Complaints Committee Selection & Training

Internal Compliance committee will be formed, and train them on POSH Act and assign roles and responsibilities for the Internal Compliance committee.

External Committee Member Selection

An external member for the committee will be selected to guide you in the investigation as per the law.

Employee training and Certification

An online training module on POSH Act will be sent to the employees and evaluated based on the assessment. A digital compliance certificate will be issued online to ensure the compliance to the each individual employee.

Awareness Posters

Awareness posters on anti-sexual harassment will be sent to you to put up at your workplace as per the norms.

Advice & Support Helpline

We always available for any support or help. Our expert advisers are always available over phone for your clarifications.